Wednesday, August 31, 2005

An Army of Stars

These kids are trying to start up a literary sort of blog qua onion-esque-Catholic-tilt. They're sophomores from TAC and I know absolutely nothing about them. Their blog is a leetle sparse (yes, look who's talking), but then, they just started - could be interesting, though. T-t-t-time is the tester. Little ventures like these are good to encourage. Sometimes they turn out well.

*Appropriate Maritain Quote arrrrrrrrrrrrr*

This is to say that instead of being grouped and assembled, as in the Middle Ages, in a homogeneous and integrally Christian body of civilization, limited however to a privileged portion of the inhabited earth, it seems that the unity of Christian culture must now extend over the whole surface of the globe, but, in return, represent only the order and living network of Christian temporal institutions and Christian centers of intellectual and spiritual life spread throughout the world in the great supra-cultural unity of the Church. Instead of a mighty fortress raised up amidst the lands, we should rather think of the army of stars distributed in the sky. Such a unity is not any less real, but it is diffuse instead of being concentrated.


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