Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Inform your mind

I found all these lovely biographies of Catholic authors, written by Ralph McInerny, on the Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture website. Read them, do.

The "Joy in the Truth" annual fall conference (at Notre Dame) looks like a lot of fun - I would love to attend it, but unfortunately, am saving up for the completion of my edumacation rather than running about the country hobnobbing with philosophers.

Females my age are quite batty if they decide to drool over Gucci handbags or Jessica McClintock prom-gowns when there is -- this! . . . Incidentally, the McClintock prom-gowns are nothing short of special. So is the home-page boast on their website: "Designed to be unforgettable by JESSICA MCCLINTOCK, INC."

Emphasis mine.

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