Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Yesterday, I was happily driving to a discussion group and praying the rosary on the way. The beads slipped past, a happy feeling of peace permeated my being. Things seemed alright. "...Holy Mary," I whispered piously "MOTHER OF GOD, I'M ON A ONE WAY STREET!"

All sweetness forgotten, breaks were slammed and oncoming traffic was viewed in a manner not un-grim. Like a nightmare, the crosswalk behind me filled with teeming masses of people and cars lined up at the stop-sign on the two-way street that was my ticket to a safe haven - blocked! I couldn't move forwards or backwards because those heartless drivers, chortling over their steering wheels at the young girl going the wrong way on a one way, didn't even respect the right of way of me.

Now why would anyone want to play GTA-2 when real-life situations are already so titillating?

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