Thursday, September 08, 2005

Happy Birthday to You

Thy birth, O Virgin Mother of God, was a message of joy to the whole world, for out of thee rose the Sun of righteousness, even Christ our God, Who hath taken away the curse and brought a blessing, confounded death, and given unto us everlasting life.
-Roman Breviary, Antiphon at Second Vespers

St. Anne and the Blessed Virgin are quite fascinating. As a child, I used to think St. Anne must have been a little afraid of Mary because she was too good, and would imagine St. Anne, peeping in a timid way out of her house to see Mary, perfectly obedient, bringing a jug of water up the dusty path to her. Ss. Joseph and Joachim must have been rather surprised, too.

The new Eve had come and the breath of God had fallen upon the world.

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