Sunday, September 11, 2005

Stories from the Pews

It was very hard to concentrate at Mass today. In front of me was a large family, and one of the youngest boys had received a prayer book with a medal stored inside. He was obviously delighted with it, because he held it open, kissed the medal, and then twirled around on his pew, holding the book aloft towards each side of the Church as if showing the saints in the windows his mighty treasure.

The peak of his activity was reached after Communion - his siblings, weary of his antics, tried to wrest the book away. One tried, then another, then four of them (at once) pinned the boy against the front of the pew and he slid down out of sight due to the weight of the bodies atop him. The sight of his head and wild eyes gradually disappearing was not conducive to prayerful reflection - especially when coupled with his audible whispers "YOU'RE STEALING!!! YOU'RE STEALING!!!" They let him hold the medal for the rest of Mass, which comforted him.

After Mass, I met Patrick. He is very quiet and I had to chase him down, but I met him!


Patrick said...

Ah, I'm not usually that quiet once I have a subject to ramble on about. I should have mentioned how impressed I am with your blog...

Deirdre said...

Be that as it may, you are now known in my family as "Patrick ShyBoy" - at my brothers' dubbing.