Thursday, September 08, 2005

Thus I quote and thus must you endure

"In a dream you cannot escape: the feet are leaden-weighted: you cannot stir from before the ominous door which almost imperceptibly moves. It is the same in life; sometimes it is more difficult to make a scene than to die."
~Ministry of Fear, Graham Greene

But I am not at issue in this book with sincere and genuine scholars, but with a vast and vague public opinion which has prematurely spread from certain imperfect investigations, and which has made fashionable a false notion of the whole history of humanity...It is an atmosphere in which men live rather than a thesis which they defend.
~Everlasting Man, G.K. Chesterton

And now, one my sister found:

"Married!" exclaimed Pot, with frightful vehemence. He stopped, smiled darkly, and added, in a low, vindictive tone: "It serves him right!"
~Pickwick Papers, Dickens


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