Saturday, September 24, 2005

Useful Numbers

Talking to strangers, my my.

Whenever people get miffy about Pope John Paul II and the Church's stance against condoms (specifically, that the Church has caused untold deaths due to promoting abstinence programs), whip out this handy little news article and gently correct your neighbor - and of course, be ready to back it up with actual research when people say "na uh! That's just Church propoganda you poor brainwashed child."

Does this remind anyone else of the 10,000 deaths that "happened" per year before abortion was made legal?


JHP said... on abortion statistics (sort of).

Deirdre said...

What is your point?

Speaking of points, there is a nice one at the end of this link: 'Pro-lifers care about both mother and child. That's why it grieves us that any woman would die, whether from a legal abortion (a number that is systematically underreported) or from an illegal abortion. Since we care about every mother and unborn child, we never talk about "only" x number of deaths.'

So lest you think I was being callous (God forbid!) in bringing up the 10,000, no - I was referring to the phenomena of people using such numbers to promote hysteria.

JHP said...

I wasn't commenting on your post directly, just linking to an apparently factual article concerning your topic. There was no criticism implied; no point other than that.

Deirdre said...

Oh - alrighty. I wasn't quite sure what to make of the link.

Pip pip!