Friday, October 21, 2005

Ahhh... San Francisco.

Sunset on an uncharacteristically fogless day.

This is the Holy Names(Word?) chapel that is known about by very few people, being in the empty convent-esque house next to St. Monica's in San Francisco. It is very beautiful, albeit very small.

The Holy Spirit painting above the Altar.

The inside of St. Dominic's. I have no close-up of the Altar, but it is magnificent.

The outside of St. Dominic's.

The inside of Mt. Carmel (opposite to the St. Ignatius Church) on Palm Sunday.

Palms being burned on Palm Sunday - myself and some friends found the blessed palms in the debris-bin, so we sneaked out after nightfall, absconded with the palms, and burned them.

A Byzantine Rite Mass at Our Lady of Fatima - a small, small parish in a non-descript building, but absolutely beautiful inside.

All pictures courtesy of my friend Oscar. Thank you Oscar!

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