Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Dress or Manners

I have not read all of the City of God to my now-present but soon-to-be-gone shame. I am four books shy of that as I skipped over a few books in the beginning where he spoke of Janus and Jupiter, Platonists, demons and angels, demons, demons, etc. - but, there is this snazzy quote lodged in the book that pertains to the dress of Christians:
The dress or manner of life adopted by whoever embraces the faith that leads to God does not matter to the Heavenly City, provided that these things do not contravene the divine precepts. Hence, when philosophers become Christians, they are required to change their false doctrines; but they are not compelled to change their dress or their customary mode of life, for these are not an impediment to religion.
St. Augustine, City of God: Book XIX, Ch 19

How sensible St. Augustine is! What he said way back when is still pertinent today, and so, you need not dress like Jumper Queens (young and sweet only...) unless you really want to. Modesty is not synonymous with a particular garb, but is a virtue concerning moderation in all things: dress, manners, estimation of self, pursuing some goal, eating, drinking, etc.

In any case, 'tis pancakes for breakfast with real maple syrup. Yum.


JHP said...

we've been reading Augustine all year in Theo. There's and endless amount to discuss. Last night, I talked for quite a while about a passage in "On Christian Doctrine" where he states that Christ's words, "unless you eat my flesh..." must be taken figuratively.

It was also comforting to hear him admit, to a certain extent, the sinlessness of Mary, thereby supporting Tradition at its earliest stages.

City of God is coming up.

Deirdre said...

Augustine is so good and loveable. Have fun reading the City of God --- you don't have to read all of it, if I remember aright, but it's a good romp nonetheless.

What Church fathers do you read?