Saturday, October 29, 2005

False Alarm

Hah! My camera is working now. My pater familias read of my misfortune as regards to leaping cameras and ground. He suggested the camera just needed to be rattled back into shape. Counter-intuitive, yes? Yes.

Having no warranty, ergo nothing to lose, the camera was thrown against the ground - and I won't say there wasn't a little petulant impetus put to it. But I won't say there was, either. I merely state, in the interest of truth, that there was some impetus in the throw.

It worked like a charm. I guess cameras need to be shown who's boss or something.

Opponents of Prop-73 (a proposition that deals with parental notification and which Planned Parenthood is avidly fighting) tried to have a "maze" on the Berkeley Campus where one learns the "truth" about this...well, to quote, "judicial maze." But...something happened - it rained! T'eh forces of nature conspired and there was one less demonstration that could befuddle people.

There is a maze being created about this proposition, but it's not being constructed by supporters. Students on the campus have reported that people are confusing notification with consent, or rather, that misinformation is being given by opponents to the effect that the proposition deals with consent. People are being disingenuous. My stars! Wheereevah did they get such notions?

The Rundown: proposition 73 requires parental/legal guardian notification 48 hours prior to an abortion or a waiver from a judge or parent. This proposition is good. It will help restore rights to parents, allow them to talk with their daughters about their decision, to see if any crime is going on (I use veiled language as there are children who read this blog - read between the lines), and also to care for them if the girl decides to have an abortion. Do vote yes. Do. Do. Do.


JHP said...

the camera bit is one of the more remarkable anecdotes I've heard in a while.

it's the only good argument against technology I've heard: that by it people tend to forget causes, since most technological advancements are little black boxes. Seriously, the TV is blurry, whack it; the nintendo game won't play, blow in the game slot; the CD won't play, blow on it; the car's running funny, keep driving and hope it will sort itself out (this has happened to me multiple times); the camera won't work, throw it into the ground. It's almost superstitious.

Deirdre said...

I prefer to tap one of the patron saints and tell them to 'do your thaaang!'

Banging works, too.