Friday, October 14, 2005

I think I smell a raaat, oh I think I smell a rat.

So there was this rat that walked into a, it was in our laundry room, fascinated with all the non-edibles it found there. We responded, like good hosts, with two boxes of rat poison, laying out the contents of one box and leaving the other to rest in its silent casing. The rat took all the rat poison - even that of the unopened package, which it voraciously ripped open. Gluttons never prosper.

But when it figured out that it was going to die, it, having a vindictive streak, decided to creep into the heater vents and expire there. "Nyeaaahaaa!" it chuckled with its last breath. Now, we have burninated rat corpse smell wafting gently through the house. Yum.

At least, we think it's that.

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