Thursday, October 27, 2005


Our kitchen has recently been re-done. To celebrate the near-completion we had a feast cooked by the indefatigable Erik.

First there was quince jam on sheep cheese.

Then the homemade green salsa (made by another good friend of ours).

Risotto with mushrooms.

Salad with heirloom tomatoes, persimmons, pine-nuts, & greens.

And the Pork-Fat-Ellen (with a stuffing of mangos stewed in rum, young coconut, and other delicious substances) followed closely by a bottle of Lillet.

This is the kitchen, resplendent in all its pristine and then uncooked in state.

Unfortunately, there may be no more pictures for some time as the camera leapt out of my backpack and felt a deep affinity for the ground. It now makes an unpleasant whirring noise when powered up and then the screen goes blank. This does not strike me as being a good sign.

And now, a quote from two days ago at class that went something like: "...was that after the Reformation? Like in the 1300's where Rome split and they were, like, savages from the West?"

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