Saturday, October 01, 2005

What's on the Menu?

I received my first traffic ticket a month or two ago, when debating about manly qualities with my sister in a car. Absorbed in my discussion, I neglected to keep an eye on the speedometer. A nice policeman reminded me, though, and gave me a pretty pink slip of paper lest I should forget. Now, even seeing a police car makes me wince - just as seeing a bee used to make me jump after some clever boys ahead of me decided to poke the yellow jacket's nest in the shrubbery.

The county in which I was collared does not accept internet traffic school certificates, so I must hie me ho to an actual, physical place. On flipping through the yellow pages to find the Most Perfect School that would finish me up properly, I hap'n'd upon a quasi Comedy-Traffic school. They give you two free comedy club passes if you attend this school. That sounded disreputable enough for me and as it is approved by the CA DMV, I signed straight on.

Today I go to my doom for ~8 hours. Oy vey!

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