Friday, August 26, 2005

When Artists Go Bad

Things like this are particularly saddening and monstrous.

Oh for a muse of fire...

There is an attitude among many Catholics, the sort of upstart attitude that would get an adolescent sent to bed without supper and a dearthful of chores to boot, that many good Catholics share. It is the paradoxical defeatist-triumphalist attitude of which I speak - specifically as regards the cesspools of this world and Catholic higher education.

One of my friends was vehemently against my applying to Notre Dame because it seemed to be falling away from Catholicism. Another friend declared he would never live in the Bay Area because of all the sins that were going on. I do not love them less for their words, as foolish as they are. And why are the foolish? Did Christ come to save the sinners or the righteous? Did Christ eat with the tax-payers or the Pharisees? In what situation has the grace of God been unequal to the stain of sin?

If some Catholic university is falling then it must needs be supplanted by good Catholic youth - instead of abandoned. If all our posts were abandoned, then where would we be? In some corner, like a rat, trembling whenever the word "modern" was heard. When Jesus gave the command to the apostles to go out and preach to all the nations, it seems rather unlikely that He (blessed be!) meant retreat like silly nincompoops to some Catholic utopia where you can sit and fester, gaining no understanding or sympathy for human nature, for sin, and so enter into sin through the portals of apparent grace. Which isn't to say that prayer and quiet contemplation do not aid humanity. Indeed, to quote someone who was quoting someone and I can't remember the quoteee or the quoted, "it is the prayers of nuns that keep the world afloat."

But for those who are called to live in the world, ora et labora. Pray and work, don't just twiddle your thumbs. In my wanderings, I have met quite a few people who are sincerely concerned with the truth - but where are the Catholics to aid them? Away with your utopias, away with your fantasies, away with your ifs --- and come - you, tools of Christ. You are your brothers keeper, remember you were made in the ikon and homoyosis of God!

The triumphalist attitude is the rather genteel - sit back and let everything be - the gates of Hell will not triumph, &c. &c. We'll just. . . sit here, and leave everything to God, ne? k? K! Aha, though, for faith without works is dead. Charity should so inflame the heart that it reaches out towards others, seeking to make known and illuminate the world, rather than sitting quietly. 'cause we all know what happened to that one servant who buried his master's talents of gold and did not multiply it.

Here is an adequate representation of how I feel when I hear the words "Cesspool of sin."

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Pray, you heathens!

In belated honor of the Queenship of Mary, I beg to put before you this prayer to her by St. Thomas Aquinas.

To the Most Blessed Virgin Mary

O most blessed and sweet Virgin Mary,
Mother of God, filled with all tenderness,
Daughter of the most high King,
Lady of the angels,
Mother of all the faithful,

On this day and all the days of my life,
I entrust to your merciful heart
my body and my soul,
all my acts, thoughts, choices,
desires, words, deeds,
my entire life and death,

So that, with your assistance,
all may be ordered to the good
according to the will of your beloved Son,
our Lord Jesus Christ.

Be to me,
my most Holy Lady,
a comforter
and an ally against the statagems
and traps of the ancient enemy
and of all those
who harbor ill intentions against me.

The rest is in a book of prayers.