Saturday, October 01, 2005

Add another

The major Catholic bloggers have brought up St. Therese today. I would like to bring up another important Lady - Mary. October is the month of the Holy Rosary.

Do get your rosary out and make her happy, ease the duration of purgatory for souls, increase and abound in virture.

Don't dance with headphones (attached to the computer) on. Headphones are a subtle eugenics program for people like me.

What's on the Menu?

I received my first traffic ticket a month or two ago, when debating about manly qualities with my sister in a car. Absorbed in my discussion, I neglected to keep an eye on the speedometer. A nice policeman reminded me, though, and gave me a pretty pink slip of paper lest I should forget. Now, even seeing a police car makes me wince - just as seeing a bee used to make me jump after some clever boys ahead of me decided to poke the yellow jacket's nest in the shrubbery.

The county in which I was collared does not accept internet traffic school certificates, so I must hie me ho to an actual, physical place. On flipping through the yellow pages to find the Most Perfect School that would finish me up properly, I hap'n'd upon a quasi Comedy-Traffic school. They give you two free comedy club passes if you attend this school. That sounded disreputable enough for me and as it is approved by the CA DMV, I signed straight on.

Today I go to my doom for ~8 hours. Oy vey!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Yesterday, I was happily driving to a discussion group and praying the rosary on the way. The beads slipped past, a happy feeling of peace permeated my being. Things seemed alright. "...Holy Mary," I whispered piously "MOTHER OF GOD, I'M ON A ONE WAY STREET!"

All sweetness forgotten, breaks were slammed and oncoming traffic was viewed in a manner not un-grim. Like a nightmare, the crosswalk behind me filled with teeming masses of people and cars lined up at the stop-sign on the two-way street that was my ticket to a safe haven - blocked! I couldn't move forwards or backwards because those heartless drivers, chortling over their steering wheels at the young girl going the wrong way on a one way, didn't even respect the right of way of me.

Now why would anyone want to play GTA-2 when real-life situations are already so titillating?

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Concerning Obedience

Our pastor is from a foreign land. As such, he doesn't always pronounce things correctly. Today, he told the congregation that "without obedience all will be disorder and cows."