Thursday, February 02, 2006

"I ate'nt dead."

School, tax-season (faulty typewriters are not your friend), and bid'ness have been occupying me.

The Annual Walk for Life was exquisite - the pro-abortion people were all dolled cunningly up with their hangers, epithets at hand and ready to hurl, &c. &c. They fueled their anger with an assembly of stereotypes: pro-life people are pro-Bush, war, and death penalty. The virulent response to the peaceful demonstration created a contrast that was...significant. Below are some pictures I took:

This is shot from the second-story of a building. Note the red-circle denoting some protestors.

Count the amount of men in this protesting group ("Keep abortion legal!").

More protestors.

And the code-pink truck.

See what fun you missed?
I'm tagged for three "memes" by Erik, Wavelet, and Thomas. Aiya! These shall be attended to. Eventually.
Today is Candelmas. Tomorrow is the feast of St. Blaise. Now is work. More afterwards.

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