Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I'm getting a distinct vibe: people think this blog is defunct. Well, it isn't. So there.

For your kicks and giggles: my Catechism students are quite lovely. After reading them a story of St. Patrick, which included his dashing the pagan priest to the ground in their duel of God versus de debil, I told my students to draw St. Patrick, and, shortly afterwards, looked at one of my student's drawing. Suspended in the air, head downward, hovering above what-were-supposed-to-be-craggy-rocks was a pagan priest ready to plunge to his death - look, Ma! We learned about Ecumenism today!

In other news, HeeHee!

I shall leave you with a quote:
"In a dream you cannot escape: the feet are leaden-weighted: you cannot stir from before the ominous door which almost imperceptibly moves. It is the same in life; sometimes it is more difficult to make a scene than to die."
~Ministry of Fear, Graham Greene

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