Tuesday, May 30, 2006


I've been working on a blog post for the past two days. Soon it will be up. When it is near-perfect, and after more fish has been et.

A thought occurred to me: short-haired men will never know the pain of a sunburned scalp to the degree that long-haired women do. We brush our hair. And it is most unpleasant to find you've a sunburned head after vigorously applying a stiff-bristled brush.

Now for a distraction - hiyah (thanks Dan!), yaaaar (thanks John!), yaaaaaaah!, eeee!, kapow!.

St. Anthony of Padua snippet on the Ascension:
‘Heaven’ means the height of the divinity, regarding which Lucifer said (in Isaiah 14):

I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne to the north,
and I will be like the most High. [cf. Is 14.13-14]

Since Lucifer was established in the empyrean, there was no higher heaven to which he might ascend, but he meant by heaven the height of the divinity, to which he desired to ascend so as to be like to the most High. Here, too, heaven can be understood suitably in the same sense in which it was taken there. No man, not any at all, however holy, even if he was sanctified from the womb, has gone up to the sublimity of the Godhead, so as to be God; apart from him who came down from heaven (the height of the divinity) in order to be man- that is, the Son of man, who is in heaven [cf. Jn 3.13], remaining God. He did not come down from heaven in such wise that he did not remain in heaven, because he did not become man in such wise that he ceased to be God, but he was ‘both rich and poor together’ [Ps 48.3], God and man; begotten of God before all ages, man born of man in this world...


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