Thursday, June 15, 2006


I have three blog posts that are either near-finished, or complete. But I jump from topic to topic unsure of what I really want to say. The topics are as follows:

1) Pessimism within the Church
2) A parody of the Republican versus Democrat just war debate
3) An interpretation of Job

The first is rather bouncy and happy in tone (too happy. I should flagellate myself for a bit to get into the Really Proper Mood.), the second is hideously abrasive (it even contains foul words), the third is an attempt at scholarly stuff... But do these things really interest me? Or are they simply space fillers?

Honestly, sometimes I don't even know my own mind.

I'm all tired, 'cause I've been sewing like a Mad Man Who...Sews. Speaking of Men, there is a prominent banner on the UC Berkeley Campus which says 'mankind' in great, big, white letters. It remains unnoticed by the populace. But! As someone who gets papers marked up for putting 'mankind' in rather than 'humankind,' or 'man' rather than 'person,' having such a politically incorrect banner in the bastion of liberality is meet (or is it mete?) food for intellectual kicks and giggles.

Socrates, in the Meno, makes a distinction between correct opinion and right opinion. The former is the sort of opinion that always hits the mark (is correct), the latter is a sort of political pleasantry hooked up to common opinion (if my memory serves me right - and I ain't relying on no poets or priestesses for this, but on the esteemed Jacob Kline commentary).

Thanks, Dre, for the link.

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