Thursday, June 15, 2006

& quote.

"To my father's wake...There was a little house there, with a table, so they dug a grave right out front, broke out the liquor, and laid the corpse out on the table. But he was a hunchback, as I've said, and he wouldn't lie flat. It wouldn't do to celebrate the wake with him face down, either-bad luck or something-so they found a rope somewhere, ran it over Dad's chest, and tied it under the table so tightly he was pressed flat. So now that the guest of honor was properly reclining, they hit the liquor. By nightfall, a lot of other people had shown up; they were all crying and singing, and one of them was embracing the corpse...and he noticed the bowstring-taut rope."
"Uh oh."
"Right. Nobody was watching him, so he sneaked out his knife and sawed through the rope. My father's corpse, with all that spring-tension suddenly released, catapulted right out the window. It scared the devil out of the mourners until the knife-wielder explained what he'd done. They went outside to bring the body back in, and saw that it had landed just a few feet to one side of the grave they'd dug. So they dragged him back inside, tied him down again, moved the table a little, made a few bets, and cut him loose again. Boing Out he went. On the fourth shot he landed in the grave, and they filled it in and went home...I want to be burned."
"Burned, Duff."
-The Drawing of the Dark, Tim Powers
A Book Worth Reading, if only for that passage.

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