Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Concerning Notre Dame

I was at South Bend, Indiana with Wavelet for the Edith Stein conference last weekend. I was quite impressed with the taxicab drivers, Mr. Ed, the coffee (so good), and the plane landing in South Bend (the landing gear malfunctioned, the plane was chased down the runway by emergency vehicles, and I was on TeeVee).

The actual conference was alright - there weren't too many deep insights (it was geared towards college students), and no one really defined this new feminism (which made for a bit of confusion as to what one was supposed to talk about and how to relate it to the whole). Everyone was very kind, and earnest, and working towards a better understanding of what it meant to be a feminist in the true sense of the word - the actual true sense still remains a mystery, but this conference served to outline ideas as to what that feminism consisted in - prolife, God-centered, etc.

I did score by way of hearing Alasdair MacIntyre speak and respond glibly to people asking questions. To one young woman asking a womanish question he replied "I am very qualified to answer this question. You see... I come from a long line of women." I think I shall use that line to gently, yet firmly, confound femi-nazi's running loose.

South Bend is very cold and Notre Dame is very lovely. There were wide open spaces, trees, and a bit of snow. The buildings were aesthetically pleasing and made of stone or brick, which gives a stately impression. Uerrrrrm.

I met Matthew and Emily from the Shrine of the Holy Whapping. They do exist, and are as nerdy as Catholics can get - extremely sweet, too. Matthew was kind enough to hang about and chat a bit during the conference, was full of interesting Catholic factoids, and managed to treat Wavelet and me to a cafeteria dinner at which much food was thrown. In my former college, we might have dabbled with Octopi in ice cream, or live chickens in the girl's rooms, but we never actually threw our food about. Waste not, want not. After which, on Friday night, the group watched the Scarlet and the Black and commented on clerical garb. It was good to see Flying Nuns in the film.

I also gave a braided replica of Jesus a high-five: