Tuesday, July 11, 2006

I should be Sleeping

My employer ordered me (the company, rawther, but really - me) InDesign! It is only t'eh coolest program that has my attention right now. An 'adult class' is supplementing the software, so's I can use it. The classroom is easily the cleanest I've ever set foot in - gentle blue and white hues are used throughout, the Macs are brand new, slick, and functional (but no right-mouse click! grar! And the ctrl-z button is all upgafunked), the chair is soft, the teacher drones on at a slow pace: it's rather like a nursery as pictured in children's tales, minus fluffy animals, clouds on the ceiling, a meddling nurse, and toys that make noises-and-are-cute-once-but-then- you-want-to-get-at-them-with-a-hammer.

Read this. It isn't simply that John is my future brother-in-law, but is a worthy entry of itself. Many Traditionalists do tend to be bitter and angry, making unsubstantiated claims, cutting off all dialogue by saying "Oh. ah. You person of the Novus Disorder, you!" (Only with more vehemence and 'YE FOOLS!' implied).

Not all Traditionalists are like this - oho goodness no.

I never noticed that Justinian had earrings. At least, strange looking white tile in earring-places.