Friday, October 19, 2007

"Young Woman, You Need A Savior"

Almost every afternoon, from the hours of 12-1, a man in a loose pink collared shirt and blue suspenders will stand in central campus and do his "fsck Bush!" routine which involves just that: saying "fsck Bush!" every so often, pointing to students wandering by and ridiculing them ("HAAAAHAH! YOU SEE THAT MAN THERE WITH THE SWEATER!? THAT SWEATER IS TOO SHORT FOR THAT MAN! HAAAHAAAAH!" or of the random freshman that wanders by "LOOK at THAT! You SEE what the problem in America is!?! HAHAAHAHAA"), and occasionally blowing on a tin whistle for emphasis.

I'm not sure why he's allowed to stay - probably something to do with free speech.

Yesterday, there was a man vying for the lunch-goers' attention. He was an old African American dressed in a dark tan flannel shirt, with white-grey dreadlocks that cascaded down to his chest. He preached in cave-like tones about the need for repentance, turning to Christ, the evils of promiscuity, and the lamentable state of the soul of the typical college student.

This made the fsck Bush man angry: earlier, he'd stormed over to a student playing rap music and demanded that he turn it down - presumably because it was distracting the fsck Bush man. "HAHAAhHHHHH!!!!" he screamed, palpably incensed that someone was encroaching on his spot, and then screamed something like: "A JESUS FREAK. JESUS AIN'T GOING TO SAVE YOU!!!"

The preacher stood there silently for a moment, then tranquilly continued preaching about the goodness of the Lord.

Honestly, it was such a Flannery O'Connor moment. Which isn't good, since - at least in her short stories - over 70% of her characters are mutilated or maimed.

So where does that leave me?

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