Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I am a Catholic Ninja

On entering the art-classroom, I found that on the whiteboard someone had drawn a picture of the pope, including a yelling speech bubble emerging from his mouth that queried "Where are the metal clipboards!?!?!"

Where, indeed?

Pope Benedict XVI was garbed in a knee-length robe, with a wide, lacy collar - his skinny legs emerging and ending in appropriately shiny red shoes (and now, whenever I see his fashionable red-shoes, I shall think of the Wizard of Oz). Atop his head was the Mitre that singled him out at pope.

It all seemed just a bit inappropriate, however, and liable to garner ridicule. So I casually sauntered up the whiteboard and...erased the mitre, while the teacher was speaking in another part of the room!

The resulting image did not look like the pope.

-Mission accomplished-

*Cue Mission Impossible Theme Music*

Dun dun de duuun duuun.

(Can life get more exciting than that? I don't think so!)

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