Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Thus I refute.

The director of RoboCop writes a book "refuting" the Virgin Birth. It makes the headlines on CNN! What does his book rely on? Realism!

What prompted this "realistic" look is no doubt the author's consideration of how babies are made and what it takes to make 'em - the biological approach.

Which overlooks the divine: if you make the claim that God is all-powerful, creator of galaxies, the universe, heaven and earth, angels, the porpoise and the fruit bats, of man (good ol' lovely men!) - fashioned in His own image and likeness, then...well... the author's saying "but let's be *realistic* about how babies come to be" is missing the point by just a teeeny tiiiiny gigaaaantic bit.

Ave Maria! Ave! Ave! Ave!

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