Saturday, August 16, 2008

Don't Get Me Wrong.

Do not misunderstand me - people who love the extraordinary form are a-ok in my book. I do not have any quibbles with the sensible attendee of the extraordinary rite Mass. On the contrary, I do appreciate the charms of the extraordinary form of the Mass. It's beautiful, it's reverent, and I like lace.

But I've been burned, over the internet, and once or twice in person - by some attendees of the extraordinary rite. See, being called a "Kool-aid" or "Second-rate" Catholic because you love the ordinary form of the Mass just doesn't tend to sit well. It has something to do with charity.

All my writings gesture towards that contingent of radical traditionalists who tend to sympathize with schismatics - or are schismatic - and have trouble accepting the living magisterium of the Church or think that Pope Benedict XVI isn't doing a good job because - gosh darnit - there are still priests who abuse the liturgy. People who think attending the ordinary form somehow taints everything you say or do.

Listen - I live in the Bay Area. I know BAD. A church that I once attended "celebrated" (and I quote) reformation day. Yes, it distresses me. No, I don't think it's because of the liturgy.

F'rinstance. World War I and II - Europe, right? Lotsa Catholics, and some Catholic leaders, right? Extraordinary form, right? Why did millions of our young men die in a stupid, pointless war? Why has there been corruption and death for hundreds of years between 1570 and today? It's because people are people - fallen, sinful.

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