Thursday, August 21, 2008

I Bought A VHS Today For The Blurb On Its Jacket


Seeking the legendary elixir of life, Bothius, the high sorcerer of a remote medieval Spanish kingdom, summons into being what he believes to be a heavenly angel, an angel perceived by others to be a ferocious dragon intent on devouring the countryside! It is in fact an alien spaceship.

The King's daughter Alba falls in love with a mysterious and charming alien who reveals a world of beauty beyond her imagination. The King's best warrior Klevar also desires the hand of the King's daughter and makes a desperate attempt to confront the alien man-to-man and to kill the dragon.

This superb recreation of the clash between Medieval superstition and alien technology is enhanced by powerful special effects which draw you into a world of magic, fire-breathing dragons, maidens in distress, and an unforgettable encounter with THE STAR KNIGHT. (Emphasis mine.)

C'mon, sounds brilliant, yes? And I like the names.. Bothius...hmm..hmm.. And "Klevar"? Ooo. How medieval. I bet KEVLAR was named after that!

Either that or these superstitious Spaniards were Norwegian!

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