Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I hope you won't think it crass

I'm currently taking a figure-drawing course. My teacher likes me because I helped set up the tables once and always follow directions.

Yesterday, while doodling in my class on Nietzsche (the teacher was saying something about the will to power, except not WILL will, because Nietzsche didn't believe in FREE WILL but thought it was a charming idea that we couldn't escape from, blah blah blah), I was drawing the figure of a woman turning around. It was giving me trouble until I had a striking realization: the butt goes there. That was the first time I was able to draw a figure from a view of the back, without having a model present. It was a magical moment. No buts about it!

Ask me no questions | I'll answer them.

To all those people who ask "Why doesn't Pope Benedict get rid of all those mediocre priests and clean up the Church, RIGHT NOW!?!?!?!"

I have an answer.

Wait for it.

Wait for it.


Because that would be stupid.

Why? Because it's a ham-handed approach not sensitive to the subtle nuances of the situation. Un-thought-out. Poor show, poor show!

What are you going to do about the priests who don't teach heresy but are a little unsound or perhaps kinda sentimental and full of fluffy thoughts? Sack 'em? Mrmm... Does canon law allow for that...? Would it be just? Where are you going to find a couple/few hundred thousand orthodox priests to replace the priests you want sacked? Who will confect the Eucharist, hear confessions, or do confirmations in their absence? (What? You don't WANT people to receive the Eucharist!?!)... What about the mass numbers of people who are attached to the priests being sacked? Would more souls be lost if they were sacked or weren't?

Anyways. Comfort yourself with this.