Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I'm the Miyazaki Type

This experience be from a bit back - but I just saw that I never published it. Oops.

While purchasing a sci-fi novel (by John C. Wright), I had a rather odd exchange with the checker - an Asian fellow, long-hair (need I say it was black?), à la hippie. Without any preliminary pleasantries (such as "Hi! I can check you out here.") he opened abruptly with:

Him: Have you watched any Miyazaki films?
Me: Yes. (???)
Him: Howl's Moving Castle?
Me: Yeeeeah - my family was into Miyazaki before his works became widely available in the US.
Him (almost severely): You're the type that would enjoy it.
Me: ... er.
Him: *silence*

Is being the Miyazaki-type akin to being "that-guy"? You know, that guy? Is there a social stigma associated with Miyazaki? Waaah!

In other news - I have a new Masshat! It is black and fetching. Now I can totally go to OF Masses that aren't celebrated according to the GIRM and SHOW THEM WHO'S PIOUS!

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