Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Though this may not be entirely ladylike: I challenge anyone who speaks ill of His Excellency Bp. Vigneron, former bishop of Oakland, to a duel.

D'oh! The Church looks down on dueling.

Ok - then to an exchange of wits!

But...if you're speaking ill of Bp. Vigneron, I'm not sure I'd want your wits.

This is all to say: I find it really appalling that people outside of the Oakland diocese are judging Bp. Vigneron to be a modernist because...our Cathedral is not too pretty and Bp. Vigneron is not Abp. Burke - who has a reputation of having a spine because of his method of doing things.

Because everyone knows there is only one way of having a spine, EVAR. Yup. Yup. And those who are distant and have not observed the changes in the diocese are in a better position to tell us we are SO T'EH SAME AND BAD. Yup. Yup.