Thursday, June 04, 2009

Jesu, rex admirabilis.

Jesu, rex admirabilis
et triumphator nobilis,
dulcedo ineffabilis,
totus desiderabilis,

mane nobiscum, Domine,
et nos illustra lumine,
pulsa mentis caligine,
mundum reple ducedine.

Jesus, wondrous king
and noble conqueror,
ineffable delight,
wholly to be desired,

remain with us, Lord,
dispel the darkness of our minds
and enlighten us with your light,
fill the world with your sweetness.

(Trans. by Philip Ford)

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I'm the Miyazaki Type

This experience be from a bit back - but I just saw that I never published it. Oops.

While purchasing a sci-fi novel (by John C. Wright), I had a rather odd exchange with the checker - an Asian fellow, long-hair (need I say it was black?), à la hippie. Without any preliminary pleasantries (such as "Hi! I can check you out here.") he opened abruptly with:

Him: Have you watched any Miyazaki films?
Me: Yes. (???)
Him: Howl's Moving Castle?
Me: Yeeeeah - my family was into Miyazaki before his works became widely available in the US.
Him (almost severely): You're the type that would enjoy it.
Me: ... er.
Him: *silence*

Is being the Miyazaki-type akin to being "that-guy"? You know, that guy? Is there a social stigma associated with Miyazaki? Waaah!

In other news - I have a new Masshat! It is black and fetching. Now I can totally go to OF Masses that aren't celebrated according to the GIRM and SHOW THEM WHO'S PIOUS!