Thursday, July 30, 2009

"It's like somebody cracked open Etsy and this fell out," my brother-in-law posted to his Facebook wall.

Too true.

I learned a new proverb! It goes: "donne pelose donne virtuose." This translates to "Hairy women (implicit "=") virtuous women. It's important to pronounce it "donnE pelosE," for loose pronunciation could render it "Donna Pelosi, donna virtuose," which, considering the career path of Nancy Pelosi, might cause some confusion to Catholics fluent in Italian and American Politics.

A word to the unlearned: if you're trying to learn Italian, *think Canadian*. The "e" sound similar to the Canadian "Eeeeeh you hoser," only with less exaggeration. Naturally, this similarity constantly tempts me, in class, to exploit this wonderful similitude.

But I shall behave.