Thursday, September 10, 2009

When I tell Good Catholic Folk my age that I went to (le gaspe!) UC Berkeley, I usually get the question "... .. . how was it?"

You see, my alma mater gives me quite the disreputable air. I've noticed this doesn't seem to happen to Catholics who went to MIT, Stanford, etc. - let alone a Catholic University, however much or little Catholic in actuality they are. It's just Berkeley. Or maybe it's just me? *sigh* *sigh*

Ok, ok, so there's the occasional nuddie protest at my college and smelly tree-sitters with names like "dumpster-muffin" give us a bad name, but really, what are you Good Catholic Folk supposing I did over my college years? You see, after Good Catholic Folk my age learn of my alma mater, a sudden quiet falls, and then the inevitable questions - "Soooo.... *cough* Read any good books by Thomas Aquinas, recently?" or "(inching away) Er...What are your thoughts on women priests?" and if you say you favor premarital interdigitation you'll get QUITE the raised eyebrow because it sounds too appalling.

These questions come across as:"HELLLOOOO!?!?!? R U CATOLIC!?!?!"

Why, yes. Yes I am. Why couldn't you know...share a pint with me or something like that? Then you'd find out how Catholic I was. Why do you have to be ALL WEIRD?