Sunday, January 16, 2011

These are my two roommates in Rome on the left-hand side of the fountain. Funny thing - most Italians startle quite easily at a gorilla costume. They even hid their babies when my roommate passed by!

I'm sort of envious of early AD philosophers - they could (theoretically) read every topical book. This is now impossible due to the accumulation of written work over the centuries and the variety of languages in which said stuff is written (translations don't really jive with actual research - meaning you have to learn: Greek, Latin, French, and German). And so many books are considered required reading! Aristotle or Aquinas might salivate at the idea of so much learning, so easily available, so beautifully categorized. Frankly, it appalls me (a bit).

I feel as if I must rush madly through book after book in a marathon-esque way, rather than spend time sitting and reading and re-reading and re-re-reading One Single Book or even One Single Question from the Summa.

So tonight, instead of reading, I will watch anime. That, I think, is the only reasonable response.

And if you'd like to argue, take it up with Socrates.

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