Thursday, February 24, 2011

Must be Dreaming

Planet of the Apes...George of the Jungle...Dr. McNinja...They all feature monkey-types who are super-intelligent, well-read, kindly, and sometimes be-spectacled.

I suppose that is why it made perfect sense: I was sitting in a hot-tub, with another person and a gorilla, sipping champagne, and explaining to the gorilla the division of the speculative sciences. The gorilla was asking some very interesting questions about the division. I was also wearing a bikini. That tipped me off to the fact that it was a dream.

The division of the "sciences" (understood as an organized body of knowledge) are so:
1. Productive - for the making of beautiful/useful things.
2. Practical - for the guiding of conduct, etc. (economics, politics, don't'cha know)
3. Speculative - knowledge for its own sake (math, natural philosophy, metaphysics)

This division ain't Platonic nor Aristotelian in origin. Neoplatonics took some of Plato and some of Aristotle, on their division of the sciences/being, and put them together. Then the tri-part division was passed along as if it were Aristotelian. Neat, hmm? And now you know.

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