Wednesday, February 02, 2011


(Vaguely modified exchange - modified because I'd just woken from a nap and was semi-articulate. That is, I removed the bit where I drooled slightly, made snorting noises, etc., etc.)

Housemate: What were you dreaming of?
Me: I was just thinking of ways to render Aquinas relevant (in today's ethics). Say you had a violent situation, where someone is threatening someone else, and you picked up Aquinas' commentary on the N.E. and whacked the guy across the head...that's one way of making him relevant in applied ethics.
Housemate: ... I don't know about relevant so much as useful.


Anonymous said...


Have you read "The Sources of Christian Ethics" by Servais Pinckaers?

Deirdre said...

All but the last chapter and a half! He's smaaaart.

Anonymous said...

True. Story.