Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rome Blognic

Oh goodness! I will be in Rome for this event. How exciting, ne? And the Scholar's Lounge is a nice place to hold this event. The bartenders didn't even get annoyed at me when I was dancing with a young man who'd semi-inadvertently been in his cups a bit, bumping into patrons, and being a nuisance - despite the sign up on the wall that clearly stated that no dancing is permitted in the pub.

Which goes to show:

1. There is space! and,
2. The bartenders are nice!

Edit: if you're a blogger or an interested party AND in Rome on May 3rd, you should sign up on FACEBOOK for this event!

This is the list of confirmed attendee bloggers:
Michael Voris
Salt n' Light TV's Rome correspondent
Rorate Caeli
New Liturgical Movement
Orbis Catholicus
Fr. Zuhlsdorf
Seraphic Singles
Discover Happiness
Ars Orandi


Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

Did you sign up on the Facebook page?

Come on. Do it right...

Deirdre said...

Oh, I have - and invited several other bloggers I know, to boot. Deirdre is simply my nom de plume.

Thanks for organizing this!