Wednesday, September 07, 2011


I recently bought an electric bike. I promptly drove it into some bushes. Take that, bushes!

When I need a quick ego boost, it's fun to glide past people going uphill, in funny spandex shorts, on normal bikes. It doesn't even leave me sweating. Ha Ha Ha!

But it stopped going with its normal vigor.

I brought it back to the e-bike place and tried to explain the problem in very technical terms.

Mechanic: So, what's the problem?
Me: Well, it goes funny...and when I hit the's just weird.
Mechanic: It... goes funny. Oooook, can I have the keys and I'll try it out?
Me: *hands over keys*
Mechanic: *starts it up and accelerates* OH! THAT'S what you mean, right there!
Me: YES!

The initial diagnosis is that there are gears slipping somewhere in the contraption. It will be fixed ASAP. Then I will once again terrorize the streets of Berkeley on my e-bike. Bushes better be fearin'.

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Adanna, duh said...

This is like...the most interesting blog i've come across. One that isn't "How to make baby gifts!" or "Cooking is fun!" YAY, someone interesting to follow :D