Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Story of the Cat-Giraffe

(The cat-giraffe as drawn by my sister.)

Once Upon A Time

There was a cat called Charles who got his head stuck half-way out a window. He tried to get out of the window by pushing it open - but the window was set fast. He tried to get out by pulling. He pulled and he pulled until at last his head came out with a "pop."

Then he looked down and realized - oh no - that his neck had been stretched! He chalked it up to fate and ran off to play with the other cats.

But the other cats looked at him and said "You aren't a cat! You're a giraffe!"

So he went to the zoo and tried to play with the giraffes.

But the giraffes said "You're not a giraffe! You're a cat!"

Charles was so sad.

Just then some astronauts came by and said "You would be a perfect specimen to put into our test rocket!"

So the astronauts put Charles in their test rocket and sent it off to Mars. When the rocket landed, Charles tumbled out and looked around the strange landscape.

Why! There were HUNDREDS of cat-giraffes who ran up to Charles and said "Heeeeeey. You're just like us! Do you want to play?" Charles DID want to play.

And Charles was very happy.

The End.

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