Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rome Blognic

Oh goodness! I will be in Rome for this event. How exciting, ne? And the Scholar's Lounge is a nice place to hold this event. The bartenders didn't even get annoyed at me when I was dancing with a young man who'd semi-inadvertently been in his cups a bit, bumping into patrons, and being a nuisance - despite the sign up on the wall that clearly stated that no dancing is permitted in the pub.

Which goes to show:

1. There is space! and,
2. The bartenders are nice!

Edit: if you're a blogger or an interested party AND in Rome on May 3rd, you should sign up on FACEBOOK for this event!

This is the list of confirmed attendee bloggers:
Michael Voris
Salt n' Light TV's Rome correspondent
Rorate Caeli
New Liturgical Movement
Orbis Catholicus
Fr. Zuhlsdorf
Seraphic Singles
Discover Happiness
Ars Orandi