Sunday, May 27, 2012

Pour fourth Thy Spirit and they shall be created - and Thou shalt renew the face of the earth.

It is difficult to trust in God. The final end, the finish line, the promised land seems so ungraspable; the world so full of pain and yearning, uncertainties, disappointments. God, infinitely knowable in Himself, is nonetheless, in His essence, mysterious and our senses and intellect cannot penetrate the Godhead. Even when He reaches to touch us through the sacrifice of the Son, we cannot satisfy ourselves as we do with empirical evidence, or with anything like a empirically derived science. We can never say "Lo! Look! Behold! How can you not see? How can you not know? It is evident!"

Aquinas describes us as being like owls in the light of the sun - we do not see because of our mode of understanding is so limited. Yet, it IS there, and the eagle (our glorified selves?) sees.

Yet, by the influx of the Holy Spirit, pouring the graces of faith, hope, and love into our soul, elevating, alerting, and awakening us to deeper realities, we can affirm that God is: we are not abandoned. God dwells in us intimately, sustains, encourages, and gives reason to all that we encounter, suffer, or find true, good, and beautiful.

Looked at from a naturally human perspective, the world is without sense, inchoate, and full of pain. The most we can hope for is a life of sensory satisfaction.

Looked at from the perspective of the Divine, in Whose mind all things pre-exist and Who yearns for us as we for Him, everything is terribly, frighteningly, comfortingly significant. The world no longer assumes a nightmareish aspect - it is tinted with purpose, filled with love, and permeated by the Spirit of God, inviting us to dwell in Him as He desires to dwell in us.

God invites, and sends us a Comforter. We are not alone.

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