Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Happy Feast of St. Anthony of Padua!

It is the feast of the inspiration of my blog. Did you know that St. Francis wrote a letter to TonyP?

It said:
I Brother Francis send wishes of health to Brother Anthony, my bishop. It pleases me that you teach sacred theology to the brothers, as long as in the words of the Rule you "do not extinguish the Spirit of prayer and devotion" with study of this kind.
Teach and preach in the Spirit, baby.

Speaking of priest-y things, I ran into a priest-friend of mine: 
Priest: DEIRDRE! Have you eaten!?!?
Me: No, no. But I will eat.
Priest: Deirdre, you must eat!!! 
Me: I will eat at 1. I'm meeting someone for lunch.
Priest: Perhaps, I can bring you a little something from our (religious community's) lunch?!?!
Me: I'll eat! Really! I will! 
Priest: *eyes me skeptically* 
*starts walking away* 
*little old lady starts running after him to ask him a question* 
*priest proceeds to make fun of old lady's run by imitating it* 
*old lady has to stop running because she is laughing too hard* 


Homer said...

Did I just see you walk out of mass in Norcia?

Deirdre said...

I was just in Norcia (but missed the Mass) - you should have said hi!

Homer said...

I tried tracking you town but as you were walking away from the Church, I got stopped by a guest. I hunted for you in the shops to no avail. Here until August 24th.

Deirdre said...

D'oooooh. I'm in Rome until the 27th (of June). You are brave to be staying so long in such heat!

You must have shaved your beard, too, otherwise I would have seen you right away.