Saturday, August 25, 2012

Super Good at Maths

This morning, Saturday, I rolled out of bed and stumbled in a daze off to the car and then to the market. Markets around here get nasty on Saturdays. Like so:

...In any case, I was picking up some cooking wine. Rather than going to two places, I decided to get the cheap wine where it was a little more expensive (but still cheap, relatively). "Hmm... $3.99? That's $1 more than the $2-chuck from [that other place]."  After I had purchased the wine, it occurred to me that my maths were not quite right.

In my defense, I had not had any breakfast, am in the grips of a horrible cold, and had been out drinking* the night before.

But this does not bode well for my math-GRE scores.

*1 whole beer! Plus a small cocktail, later. Over a 5 hour period. WHEW.

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