Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Flowers and Booo-kays

On an errand for flowers, a huge homeless man asked me for some change and I indicated that I would have some on my way out.

On my way out, I did, indeed, give him some money and he was so delighted that, seeing my flowers, said enthusiastically: "I wish I could arrange a beautiful boo-kay for you that would last...A WEEK AND A HALF!" He then tried to help me with my groceries, but, there was only one bag so he gave up on that since there was no helping to be done.

But he did make sure that I was buckled up for safety (from a distance, as in "You buckled up? For safety? Good!"), and that everything was a-ok before giving a parting salute.

Remarking on his actions, he said "A gentleman and a scholar from the cap to the toe. Always a gentleman and a scholar."