Saturday, August 25, 2012

Super Good at Maths

This morning, Saturday, I rolled out of bed and stumbled in a daze off to the car and then to the market. Markets around here get nasty on Saturdays. Like so:

...In any case, I was picking up some cooking wine. Rather than going to two places, I decided to get the cheap wine where it was a little more expensive (but still cheap, relatively). "Hmm... $3.99? That's $1 more than the $2-chuck from [that other place]."  After I had purchased the wine, it occurred to me that my maths were not quite right.

In my defense, I had not had any breakfast, am in the grips of a horrible cold, and had been out drinking* the night before.

But this does not bode well for my math-GRE scores.

*1 whole beer! Plus a small cocktail, later. Over a 5 hour period. WHEW.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Aquinas on Little Old Women

Consider this dear brothers: there were many philosophers who spoke many things belonging to faith, and you will scarcely find two philosophers agreeing upon one opinion; and any one of them that did say something true, did not speak without an admixture of error. A little old woman now knows more about what belongs to faith than all the philosophers once knew. We read that Pythagoras began as a boxer; he heard his teacher discuss the immortality of the soul, asserting that the soul was immortal, and he was so enthralled that after having forsaken everything, he dedicated himself to the study of philosophy. But what little old woman is there today who does not know that the soul is immortal? Faith is capable of much more than philosophy, consequently if philosophy contradicts faith, it must not to be accepted, as the Apostle to the Colossians says: See to it that no one deceive you by philosophy and empty deceit. Let no one seduce you, willing, walking in the things which he has not seen, in vain puffed up by the sense of his flesh, not holding the head, that is Christ.