Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Beauty as a Road to God

"In our post-Fall condition, even with a built-in hunger for goodness, our minds are often enough alienated from goodness, too. We are divided against ourselves in this respect as so many others, like a person so griefstricken at the thought of his dreadful drinking habit that he has to comfort himself with a whisky...If goodness were presented directly to a person divided against himself, through preaching or philosophical argument, in the form of exhortation of any kind, that person might well just turn away in disbelief or despondency. But goodness presented to the senses is a kind of stealth bomber. It flies in under the radar of the reason to have its effect on desire, without a preemptive strike on the part of reason to stop it. By prompting pain in us, even pain of a redeemed or transcended sort, or by giving us the kind of love of goodness which is joy, beauty perceptible to the senses moves us to the goodness of God, who is himself beautiful, if we only have heart to see it." - -Eleonore Stump, "Beauty as a Road to God"

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