Thursday, March 09, 2017

From implacability of thought, good Lord deliver us!

What most people mean by "true" is something close to "empirically verifiable," or, at, at least, some form of knowledge that is based in the actual sense-experience. All knowledge is, in some way or other, dependent on actual sense experience, but "truth" in the above sense is closer to "demonstrable." Hence, people say "I will not believe in a god until that god proves his presence to me in a way that does not admit of doubt" and by that they mean something like "I will not believe in a god until that god comes and kicks me in the shins."

How can the statement "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Light" really be tested for its truth? I say that other beliefs are not enough for me - by that I mean they don't really encompass all of my human experience in a way that does not do violence to them. My GUT tells me that there is good and there is evil - not because I was raised that way, but because things are that way and the reality of that being forces its attention on me. When Christ says He is the Way, when His reality thrusts into my life, I can't but say "My Lord and my God."

Some people are better than others at saying "look! X is Y!" This is particularly the case when it comes to witnesses/testimony who ask you to believe without providing causal/verifiable evidence. You might not be able to prove it, but that does not imply either that it is true or that it is false. An analogy (albeit very faulty): some people are better at picking out, by ear, the right note. They might not be able to say "that's wrong because it's a G-sharp," and what they say could be either true or false, but some people do have the ability to pick out what's true and what's not even if there's no empirical backing to support it. Edjication can help you develop a sense of truth and falsity - but only the right sort that asks the student for deliberate, rational thought, that makes the student sensitive and humble before the immensity of truth (and, ultimately, of The Truth). There is a certain implacability of thought in the way many people operate; a closed receptivity to the truth of all things.

The Truth is out there. I want to believe. I do believe.

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