Saturday, April 01, 2017

We await in joyful hope!

Stop with the anger cultivation

It's easy to be a people of anger - especially if we can pawn it off to ourselves as righteous anger. We seek out news that confirms our suspicions regarding the depravity of mankind, we meditate on injustices done to us or our loved ones or innocent one, we work ourselves into frothing-at-the-mouth-stage and then say things like "I cannot WAIT until the Good Lord comes and ends all this! Can't happen soon enough!!!"

That - stop that.

We await in joyful hope, not angry despair.

Yes, we are sinners. Yes, we deserve damnation. And, yes, the world seems like a pretty bleak place at times. But it's not all bad news. Y'know?

Cultivating our anger until it becomes a predominant bent in our character does not bring us closer to Christ. At the right time, place, for the right reasons, etc., it's virtuous, sure. And who doesn't like to dash off a good screed, powered by pure rage? I know *I* simply adore to huff into a chair and take a shot of whiskey before furiously typing on the keyboard while emitting screams of rage (well, perhaps not quite that far). But it's not good for us a default state of being.

Our passions affect our perception and experience of reality. When we've watched a horror film late at night and are by our lonesome selves in a huuge house, fear can overpower us: we turn on ALL THE LIGHTS or slip uneasily into bed imagining a figure with long hair...watching us from the shadows. Our behavior is not quite under control of reason.

Anger is similar. We begin to overreact to reality, always see some provocation, and ARE ALWAYS SHOUTING rather than taking some reasonable approach. And if we're always shouting, always focusing on what's going wrong with the world (the bad and the ugly), then how on earth do you propose to bring the Good News to those who are parched for it? How can you tell people about Christ with the same lips, the same breath, with which you obliquely are hoping that it all ends now hell with it?

Praying the psalms, I never get that sense of "end it all now!" I experience an intense sense of longing and sadness coupled with a turning towards joy where people dance and play melodies.
We want ALL THE PEOPLE to get to heaven. Our mission, should we choose to accept it, is to become saints and to help people become one. Thank God for these opportunities to bring more people to joy and hope!